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Corrosion protection for your commercial vehicle instead of obsolescence, repair costs and losses

Professional surface, underbody and body cavity protection is highly important for a long service life, especially for heavily utilized equipment that is used in extreme conditions. For example, the underbody is particularly exposed to abrasion and stone chipping.

Moisture and road salt corrode through paint and other protective coatings. Our products prove themselves over wide temperature ranges and are ideal for engine components and engine compartment due to their resistance above 210 ° Celsius.

In addition, we are offering special products for the storage or transport of steel parts, equipment and machines, which are easily removable even after one year in most adverse conditions, exposing flawless parts.

Our special probes with a spray angle of 360° guarantee an all-over body cavity protection.

Scientifically confirmed protection by Dinitrol products
All products undergo several tests. Elaborate humidity and corrosion cycle tests confirm the quality of Dinitrol products. Even after 1000 hours of spraying tests with salt water and condensed water no corrosion can be found. Furthermore, the products are tested for cold resistance and UV resistance.

What we can do for you
For 45 years we have been dealing in corrosion and have built up over these years a renowned customer base. Iseki, the Pappas Group, the Austrian Armed Forces and Rosenbauer Feuerwehrfahrzeugtechnik (fire engine technology) rely on our expertise and advice. Our brand Dinitrol has been world market leader in the field of corrosion protection for 75 years and is also used by original equipment manufacturers. Call us, tell us your requirements and we will provide extensive and competent advice and help.

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